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The Enchanted Cave 2

maxresdefaultWelcome to the Enchanted Cave 2, explorer. After a restful night and a long travel, you are ready to explore the enchanted cave you've heard so much about. At the beginning of the game, you have to talk to the citizens and find out as much information about the cave as you can. You must know that the enchanted cave is a very strange place, full of gold but each time you go in, the layout is different and there is no stairs leading back up. Your mission is to get supplies and armor before going to the cave. Go to the bar, speak to people and you will get some good advice how to succeed. The Enchanted Cave has endless supplies of treasures, gold and rare artifacts. Using those artefacts you will gain power. Enchanted Cave 2 is not a game that can be completed in several minutes. It requires a lot of time and skills to achieve success. All actions in Enchanted Cave 2 are made using mouse, but you can set your own controls in the Options menu. If you are ready to enter the wonderful world of the Enchanted Cave 2, don't wait, play the full version of the game for free right now at our website.